Staff organisation chart

Senior Leadership Team
Mr C Guthrie CEO - Endeavour MAT
Mr G Barnett Head Teacher
Mr M Naylor  Deputy Head Teacher - Curriculum, Standards & Achievements
Mrs T Artmann Deputy Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning
Dr M El-Damanawi Assistant Head Teacher - Behaviour and Attendance
Mrs G Tiddy Assistant Head Teacher - Head of Sixth Form, Personal Development
Mr D Dunscombe Assistant Head Teacher - SEND and Welfare
Ms H Pickard Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Recognition & Community
Miss L Brown School Business Manager
The Arts and Technology & Engineering
Mrs C George Head of Department for Design, Technology & Engineering
Mrs B Jackson  Head of Art
Mrs R-O Dodson Teacher of Art
Miss N Arklie Teacher of DT & Engineering
Ms S West Lead Teacher of Food Technology
The Performing Arts
Mr J Bailey Head of Drama. Head of Year 8
Mr S Muzio Head of Music
Ms R Evans Head of English                                        
Ms K Brown Teacher of English
Mrs J Burgess Teacher of English
Miss E Haynes Teacher of English
Mrs A Henderson Teacher of English
Miss T Ivison Teacher of English
Miss J Ho Teacher of English
Ms S Ayling Head of History
Mr J Barron Teacher of History
Mr G Matthews     Head of Geography
Mrs I Favata Teacher of Geography & History
Mr T Osborne Teacher of Geography & History
Ms C Anderson Head of Philosophy & Ethics.  Head of Year 10
Miss H Bess Teacher of Philosophy & Ethics
Ms T Ogunlana Head of Maths
Mrs O Awosile Teacher of Mathematics
Ms S Campbell Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs K Castellani Teacher of Mathematics
Modern Foreign Languages
Ms R Clarke Head of Department & Head of Year 11
Ms M Lesage Teacher of Spanish
Mr A Valero Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Physical Education
Mr T Field Acting Head of PE
Mr G Proctor Teacher of PE & Head of Year 7        
Mr D Finch Teacher of PE
Miss K Gardner Teacher of PE
Ms J Rutt Teacher of PE
Miss C Cogswell Teacher of Science
Miss S Deacon Teacher of Science
Mrs J Gordon-Keyes Teacher of Science
Mrs S Pearce-Fowler Teacher of Science
Ms B White Teacher of Science
Mrs L Finch Teacher of Health and Social Care
Mr L Poole Head of Computer Science 
Support Staff
Mrs L Verbeke-Cain Head Teacher's P.A. & Office Manager                                 
Mrs M Stocks Business Admin Assistant
Mrs A Hazelton Attendance Officer
Ms S Nefzaoui Admissions Officer
Mr J Witt School IT Manager
Mr O Oyewo Exams and Data Manager
Mrs J Gosling Reception/Admissions Assistant
Mrs K Webb Reception/Administrator
Mrs C Bradley First Aid Co-ordinator
Mrs S Nguyen Librarian
Mrs M Barker Engineering & DT Technician
Mr J Smith IT Technician
Mrs L Blizard Science Technician
Mrs J Lovell Science Technician
Mrs K Lyons-Wilcox Safeguarding Manager
Mrs N Schofield Pastoral & Wellbeing Manager
Miss M Gibson Pastoral & Wellbeing Manager
Mrs L Wenham Pastoral & Wellbeing Manager
Mrs C Bain Pastoral & Wellbeing Manager
Miss J Dawes Pastoral & Wellbeing Manager
Miss W McCouaig Assistant SENCO
Miss D Ahaouari Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Gore Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss N Kaur Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Larkin Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Bassant Inclusion Manager
Mrs C Bruce Pastoral Supervisor
Mr S Long Pastoral Supervisor
Miss L Jones Teaching Assistant
Miss E Russel Teaching Assistant
Miss S Daniels Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Laine Teaching Assistant
Miss L Geary Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Aziz Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Adebayo Teaching Assistant
Miss J Magee Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Dawson Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Bartlett Teaching Assistant
Miss C Nye SEN Administrator
Mrs S Hayer Educational Welfare Officer
Mr D Gadd Premises Manager
M R Chuter Assistant Premises Manager
Mr R Almeida Assistant Premises Manager