Music & The Arts

At Stone Lodge School we believe that music education plays a vital role in a well-rounded education. Music is not just about playing notes; it fosters creativity, discipline, teamwork, and emotional expression. Learning a musical instrument can have a profound impact on a child's development, and we are committed to providing high-quality music education that enriches their overall educational experience.

You can apply for lessons on a variety of instruments or voice at Stone Lodge School by completing the application form below. By completing this form, you are agreeing to the school sharing the contact information you have provided with the relevant singing or instrumental tutor.

Stone Lodge School facilitates instrument and singing lessons, completing safeguarding checks on all adults who interact with students. However, instrumental and singing teachers are freelance, therefore, any contractual agreements for lessons are between the instrumental or singing tutor and the parent/guardian responsible for paying for the lessons. All lessons must take place in school, not at a different location, especially not a tutor’s personal residence.

Students can choose to bring in their own instrument from home or use an instrument in school for their lesson. If you are bringing your own instrument in from home, this can be left in the music storage cupboard during the school day. Please note, the school does not own all the instruments listed and your instrumental/singing tutor will inform you whether bringing in their own instrument is required.

Lessons are delivered using a variety of methods, each with a different associated cost. You can opt for:

Piano, Keyboard & Singing

30 minute individual lessons £160 for 10 lessons

20 minute individual lessons £110 for 10 lessons

*20 minute shared lessons - 2 people £80 for 10 lessons

*20 minute shared lessons - 4 people £50 for 10 lessons

*Please note, for shared lessons can only start once 2 or 4 people have requested this option.

Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Drum Kit

30 minute individual lessons £22.50 each

20 minute individual lessons £15 each

All other instruments

£80 per month for 30 minute individual lessons

Prices are indicative and the tutor will provide you with the exact cost when they contact you.

You can complete our online application form for lessons by clicking here or your child can collect a paper version of the application form from the music department.

Any questions relating to instrumental/singing tuition at Stone Lodge School should be directed to Mr Muzio, Head of Music via

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