Student Support & SENDCO

At Stone Lodge School we support and value the abilities of ALL of our students.  We strongly believe that it is our duty to provide equal opportunities for every young person in our care and a safe and fully equipped learning environment, which caters to the needs of every student as an individual. We are committed to inclusion within the school curriculum and participation in all aspects of school life.

Stone Lodge School adopts a ‘holistic approach’ to special educational needs. All staff work to ensure inclusion of all students. We are committed to ensuring that students with special educational needs can fulfil their potential and achieve optimal educational outcomes through high quality teaching and learning.  We ensure that all teachers and support staff who work with our SEN students are aware of the support to be provided and the teaching approaches to be used and work collaboratively to ensure SEN students can achieve their potential.

Tanya Reynolds (2)Mrs Artmann, Deputy Head Teacher, SENDCO.  Mrs Artmann can be contacted on




Assistant SENCO:

Miss W McCouaig

Our HLTAs are:

Miss N Kaur

Mrs C Gore

Mrs S Larkin

Our Pastoral Wellbeing Managers are:

Ms M Gibson (Year 11)

Ms L Wenham (Year 10)

Mrs N Schofield (Year 9)

Miss J Dawes (Year 8)

Mrs C Bain (Year 7)

Miss K Taylor (BSO)

Mrs A Parrish (BSO)

The names of other members of the SEN and Inclusion Team:

  • Mrs L Geary (TA)
  • Miss S Daniels (TA)
  • Ms S Daniels (TA) 
  • Mrs K Aziz (TA)
  • Miss S Cheeseman (TA)
  • Mrs C Laine (TA)
  • Ms C Cambridge (TA)
  • Miss K Noon (TA)
  • Miss K Parkinson (TA)
  • Mrs C Adebayo (TA)
  • Miss P Kaur-Bains (TA)
  • Miss J Magee (TA)
  • Mrs E Dawson (TA)
  • Mrs D Bartlett (TA)
  • Miss E Russel (Specialist TA – Brailist)
  • Miss L Jones (Specialist TA – Brailist)

For information regarding Kent Parent partnership Service please click here. This service offers impartial advice and support to parents with children with SEN. KPPS aim to empower parents and families of children with SEN to be confident to take an active an informed role in their child’s education and development. YMMWSL

Our school SEN Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

Our SEN Information Report can be viewed by clicking here.