Mr Grant Proctor

Head of Year 7 - BA (Hons) Greenwich

Senior Leadership

Grant Proctor is the Head of Year 7 and teacher of Physical Education at Stone Lodge School having previously taught PE across all age ranges from KS1 (Primary) to KS5 (A Level). Grant believes the holistic development of all students is vital to ensuring that they live a successful life beyond the gates of Stone Lodge School and this belief is at the heart of the pastoral support and teaching that he delivers to students. His passion for sport and exceptional subject knowledge allows delivery of outstanding lessons across the broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum allowing students to make excellent progress. A keen sportsman, Grant also hosts a rage of extra-curricular activities to provide students with the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom and represent Stone Lodge in district competitions. In his capacity as Head of Year, Grant seeks to remove the barriers to learning that students may face and provide pastoral support to ensure their every success; ensuring the growth, development and success of students is the main priority. This will empower students to be in the best possible position to holistically develop and lead a successful life beyond their years at Stone Lodge School.