Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum, like everything at Stone Lodge School, is guided by our RIDES values of respect, integrity, determination, equality and self-management. This means we hold dear the belief that every single student at our school is capable of achieving something great. By providing a rigorous, academic curriculum that is rich in carefully sequenced knowledge, our goal is to enable students to take their place in the community of educated citizens.

Respect is embodied in our curriculum through the high value we place on subjects and our teachers as experts in their subject areas. We want our students to have access to the best that has been thought and said, and with this in mind our teachers think carefully about what to teach and how best to teach it. We want students’ future options to be wide, so we do not narrow the curriculum. Instead, we ensure pupils are exposed to a wide body of knowledge through a full Key Stage Three curriculum over years 7, 8 and 9.  We are not just concerned with preparing students for GCSE success: we also think carefully about those students whose formal study of a subject will come to an end in Year 9, and prioritise the knowledge that create well-rounded, well-educated individuals.

Integrity is demonstrated through our evidence informed approach to planning and teaching. We believe students are more likely to remember all they have learned if the delivery of that knowledge has been carefully sequenced and planned. We work hard to ensure our curriculum is coherent, with learning building over time, which enables students to attach new knowledge to old in a manner that is efficient and sustainable. This means our students make good progress through our curriculum and are well prepared for their next level of study.

Determination is evident through the rigorous academic focus of our curriculum. By ensuring broad coverage of academic subjects, we will ensure all students of Stone Lodge School are not only prepared for GCSE but for life afterwards, including sixth form study and a great university for those who wish to pursue such a goal.

Equality. We believe in more than just equal access. To us, equality means helping those who need it most to overcome barriers preventing their success.  Our SEN and Pastoral teams ensure that students' needs are clearly identified and appropriate support mechanisms are put in place to ensure that every one of our students has full access to our curriculum and lessons.

Self-Management. We develop individuals who take responsibility for the effective use of their time, resources and behaviour.  With support and guidance, our students are equipped with the necessary tools and Stone Lodge mindset to help each of them to reach their full potential.  Our 'Successful Lives' programme underpins learning providing tangible strategies to support academic endeavour and wellbeing across the curriculum.