School Re-Opening Details

Welcome back to Stone Lodge School.  We have been working hard to put in place protocols and processes to ensure a safe return to school for all of our students and staff including;
Our School Control Measures
• Each year group will form a "bubble" and will be based in one area of the school. This is the model that secondary
schools are advised to adopt. Students will therefore have the significant majority of lessons in the same room.
• We have reduced students’ movement around the school; this will minimise contact and mixing of year groups.
• Teachers will move between classrooms at lesson changes. In subjects that require specialist classrooms, frequent cleaning will take place and students will use the hand sanitisers that are located in every room and corridor in the school.
• The year group bubbles will have allotted line-up and social time spacesin the playground before school, breaktime and lunchtime to reduce risks.
• In a class setting all students face the same direction towards the front of the class, except for Computing where perspex screens have been installed in between the desks facing each other.
• Thorough risk assessments have been conducted to maximise the control measures and ensure the safety of students and staff.

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