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Posted on: 28/05/2021

This week our Year 7 and 8 football teams held an inter-year match following COVID protocol measures that saw every member of the teams provide a negative lateral flow test prior to taking part.  It was a brilliant school event, with incredible skill and tenacity across both sides.  Our student sportsmen really rose to the occasion playing a hugely entertaining match which our student spectators and staff thoroughly enjoyed!  Mr Proctor was so pleased to be able to provide students with an opportunity for a match as all school league and cup competitions had been cancelled.   




Mr Ward’s Year 8 Philosophy and Ethics students have been learning about the ethical theory, Utilitarianism. This is the theory that says that the right thing to do in any situation is whatever will “do the most good”.   Mr Ward discussed a number of real-life scenarios with students debating the moral and ethical dilemmas and outcomes of their decisions. 

What would you do in this scenario?

The runaway train scenario: imagine a train that is speeding, going out of control, and about to derail, as it approaches a fork in the train tracks. You have the track switch control at hand. If you switch the runaway train to the left, inevitably some children playing near the tracks will be injured or killed; if you switch it to the right, the train will derail into a town hitting some buildings, a gas station, and other populated areas injuring and killing many dozens of people or more.



Miss Scott’s Geographers have been conducting an environmental survey on our school.  In groups, students gathered information for a number of environmental sustainability measures including; litter, transport and green space before discussing the environmental implication of their findings.



Year 8 Scientists are continuing their study of DNA.  In this lesson they made a model of DNA which included the double helix structure with the correct base pairing before correctly identifying a gene on their DNA model.



PTFA Update.  We would like to thank you all for supporting our Stone Lodge School Lottery, it has been an amazing success!  Our first draw took place on 6th March and, with your help, have already raised £334 for school funds.  Thank you to our generous supporters who have donated their winnings back to the school.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful community.

For £1 per draw 40p of which is donated directly to the school you could join the Stone Lodge School Lottery. It’s a chance to win the guaranteed weekly cash prize as well as being placed into the national draw to win up to £25,000

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We have been requested to share the following information with our families;

Information: EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)  Now that the UK has left the European Union, children and adults from other European countries who live in the UK may need to apply for permission to stay. This is called ‘pre-settled’ or ‘settled status’ depending on how long you or your parents have lived in the UK. Once you have received permission, you can carry on living in the UK as you do now. Existing close family members (who are EU or non-EU citizens) will also be allowed to come and live with you in the UK.


It is crucial that eligible parents apply to the Scheme themselves and check whether they need to do so on behalf of their children. Eligible children are required to have an application in their own right and no child of any age is covered by a parent’s application to the EUSS. There’s more information on this here on GOV.UK.
To provide additional guidance, an EUSS leaflet has been produced by the University of Liverpool, in partnership with the Home Office. It has been designed with children in mind and is intended to support both children and parents with information to help them apply to the EUSS. A set of accompanying FAQs are available too.
Applications to the EUSS are free and can be made online at, where you can also find out more information about how to apply.

Best wishes,

Gavin Barnett

Head Teacher

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