Blog week ending 24th February

Posted on: 26/02/2020

I am delighted to announce that Stone Lodge School has been recognised with a key award in the annual Green School Awards.  The judging panel were impressed with how quickly we have adopted an eco-friendly approach within our school ethos and instilled a pride in our school surroundings and local environment.  The below write-up was included in the brochure distributed at the Winners Event.



Students were challenged to keep a ‘human body’ warm for the longest possible time, using a polystyrene cup to represent the body, water to represent the blood & organs and a small number of materials that could be used to create ‘clothes’.  With available resources deliberately limited in range and quantity, students had to make tough scientific decisions about how they could best achieve their aim.  Some groups achieved results that really surprised them, allowing the whole class to evaluate their own designs and to make improvements ready for the next series of investigations in this key topic about energy.




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Best wishes,

Gavin Barnett

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